RISE UP Profile


RISE UP is where you and other minoritised language speakers and community members take centre stage. If you would like to help us show the many faces and voices of Europe, please take a few minutes to fill out our RISE UP Profile and send it back to us. We will then feature the profiles on our website and social media platforms to highlight the diverse and manifold experience of language community members in Europe and abroad.  

All contributions are welcome and appreciated, regardless of your language variety/varieties, your level of skill or experience, or where you are from. In fact, we are specifically looking for as many different experiences as possible: natives and immigrants, expert speakers and community members who can understand but not speak a language variety, young community members and senior citizens, etc – and also everything in-between. It would also be really helpful if you could interview and help translate the responses of non-English speaking members of your language communities, so we can hear from as many people as possible. 

Please send us your completed RISE UP Profile and all your attachments here. Don’t hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions!