NewsProject clustering through the Horizon Results Booster

Project clustering through the Horizon Results Booster

As part of the dissemination & communication activities of RISE UP, the project received support from the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster. Within this initiative, RISE UP partnered up with CREWS (Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems) to exchange knowledge and produce common dissemination materials. This included the creation of a short video compiling the key aspects of the two projects, which can now be watched on RISE UP’s YouTube channel:


The Horizon Results Booster

The Horizon Results Booster is a service available free of charge for ongoing or closed projects funded under FP7, Horizon2020 or Horizon Europe. The service is managed by the European Commission and aims to continuously bring innovation to the market and ensure a maximum impact of EU-funded research projects.

As part of the Horizon Results Booster, projects can choose from a variety of services related to dissemination and exploitation, business plan development and marketing. Within these main modules, the services can be chosen and adapted according to the specific needs of the project or project group applying.

The CREWS Project

CREWS is coordinated by the University of Cambridge and follows an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the history of writing, with a focus on writing systems of the ancient Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Levant (c.2000-600 BC). The project is redressing lingering problems that have hampered previous research and developing new methodologies for studying scripts and their social context. For more information, visit the CREWS Project website:


CREWS Project:

Horizon Results Booster:



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