News#2 RISE UP Consortium Meeting: Cologne / March 2024

#2 RISE UP Consortium Meeting: Cologne / March 2024

In March 2024, the RISE UP Consortium met up for the third time in person, this time in Cologne, Germany.

From March 21-22, 2024, RISE UP Partners met up in Cologne, Germany, for the second Consortium Meeting, this time organised by Nurogames. Two days were well spent and filled with discussions about our project, the planning of next steps, presentations of first research results, and insights into the development of the RISE UP App and Digital Toolkit.

Day 1 (March 21)

The first day of our meeting was kicked off by Nurogames, our organiser, who provided a warm welcome to Cologne – the city of Kölsch (both the local language variety and the local beer – making it “the only language you can drink”), Karneval, and the Kölner Dom. We then dove right in and started with first presentations on the work that had been carried out during the past six month. This included insights and discussions about language policies, ethnographic fieldwork, collaboration with minoritised language communities, and awareness raising.

After a lunch break that was also used for smaller discussions and updates about various aspects of the project, we continued with a workshop on the RISE UP App and Digital Toolkit. Our development partners presented their draft versions of the Toolkit, which was followed by insightful discussions about further features, next steps, and challenges. We then proceeded with conversations about minoritised language maps, and plans for the involvement of the cultural sector of our five selected language communities (Aranese, Aromanian, Burgenland Croatian, Cornish, and Seto). The day was rounded off with a social dinner.

Day 2 (March 22)

On the second day of our Consortium Meeting, we proceeded with presentations on the RISE UP app development, as well as further updates on the research carried out. The Consortium received insights by the respective partners about the first results of the RISE UP Questionnaires and additional research on the five selected language communities. We further talked about the involvement of youth in our project and how we can best ensure to connect to and work with young members of minoritised language communities. After a workshop on collaborating with communities as well as reflections on how we could apply the values of working with language communities to our own work and teamwork, the day was concluded with a brainstorming session on upcoming RISE UP Events.

Overall, the Consortium Meeting was a great success, and we are looking forward to working together on everything that is yet to come.


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